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          ENGLISH|中文 淘宝 阿里巴巴 浩丰 浩丰规划
          Tiemin Ma

          Tiemin Ma

          Titles and Honors:

          President in Qingdao Kaifeng Innovation Holdings Group Ltd.

          President and General Manager in Haofeng (Qingdao) Food Co.,Ltd

          The thirteenth outstanding young farmers in China

          Shandong "May 4th Youth Medal”

          “Shandong ten outstanding young farmers”

          Qingdao “Model Wokers”

          Committee of the 11th all-china youth federation

          The 11th China executive director of the association of young entrepreneurs

          The 15th National People's Congress on behalf of Qingdao

          Managing director of the 6th council of economic society in Qingdao

          Dear friends,

          “Existence bases on quality, development bases on reputation”. Confronting to the increasingly hot market competition, Haofeng (Qingdao) Food Co., LTD will always aim at producing safe, hygeian, green food, advancing to the agriculture modernization. We will stick to the principle of “human is essential,good service, innovation and development”. 

          HAOFENG company is an growing technical enterprise. We provide high quality breed, advanced technology and good quality products to realize the importance of new management methods, experience staff and wide merchandising network. We will make technology our forerunner,combine good resources and develop to multiple directions.

          Now it is a time for competition of technology, person with ability, and administration. And it is also a time full of opportunity and challenge, dream and realism, success and failure. We grasp firmly the opportunity of the entrance of WTO, using fully our advantage, depending on technology, implementing network management and person with ability tactic, paying more attention to standard production, establishing modern enterprise system, improving our competition ability at all aspects, composing a new chapter of our countries agriculture. HAOFENG’s business is our own business, HAOFENG’s staff will take the responsibility of develop agriculture by technology as its own, based on agriculture and service agriculture.

          We are now making great efforts to improve further. We believe we can make HAOFENG not only the biggest lettuce planting and processing company in 
          , but also the biggest one in the world. I will be with all our staff, sticking to high quality products and service, depending on the advantage of quality and brand, gain the trust of the customers through the country and around the world.

          We sincerely hope all our customers, old and new, through the country and around the world would continuously concern and support the development of our company, and build a bright future together.