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          ENGLISH|中文 淘宝 阿里巴巴 浩丰 浩丰规划

          In 2006, invested RMB 50,000,000 to build a modern fresh-cut vegetables factory in Laixi, and it is the first to become the member of United Fresh Produce Association
          In 2008, the brand of “Greer” was found, and went into about 100 supermarkets and convenience stores in Shanghai and Qingdao.
          In 2010, Haofeng won the audit of Global supplier evaluation and accreditation system from Yum Restaurant and got the qualification of supplying all outlets in global with fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Now, our products are sent to about 400 KFC stores, and 100 Pizza Hut restaurants in Shandong province.
          In 2012, We updated process technology and introduced advanced international equipment and technology to process salad.
          In 2012, Haofeng food were appointed the unique supplier of the Sand Will for fruits and vegetables by Asian beach games organizing committee
          In 2012, We invested RMB 1,000,000,000 to build the modern logistic center of sorting, processing and store,  the area of cold storage is 7289 m2, can store 5600 tons one time   
          Now, The central kitchen project in Qingdao High-tech Zone is building. Main products are standardized nutrition catering and the supply of standard semi finished-product.  The area of project 41 Mu, invested by RMB 2,000,000,000. After it is finished, we can supply 300,000 pieces of three meals a day.100,000 person-time Nutrition meals. The yearly throughput of agricultural product is about 30,000 tons.